MANCHESTER HOUSE by Donald Allen Kirch


Manchester House was built upon secrets and blood. Even the land upon which it was built was considered…bad.
ITEM: Native Americans for untold centuries believed that if a bird flew over the property it would die.
ITEM: On the forced “Trail of Tears” march to Oklahoma, a rival tribe invaded a campsite of a sworn enemy, resting upon the property, decapitated the women and cooked their heads. No reason was ever given.
ITEM: While traveling to Vicksburg, Ulysses S. Grant had an experience that changed his life forever – he never would say what.
ITEM: On his travels, Grant lost an entire squad of soldiers, two field surgeons, a team of horses and mules, and one Gatlin gun. No explanation given. Grant, himself, refused to investigate.
No one in the town wanted to admit that the ancient house even existed. All homes facing the ruin had their windows boarded shut. All roads to the thing were blocked, overgrown, or forbidden.
Manchester House was a beacon of evil at the center of a small Kansas Town with a dark and mysterious past that would not go away. All tried to forget it even existed — until the police had to bring the bodies out. When a group of professional “ghost hunters” explore a local haunted house, they descend into absolute darkness and terror, learning the incredible truth behind the legend of MANCHESTER HOUSE

My Thoughts…

Finished this book last night but felt like I needed time to digest what I had read before I could write this review. The beginning sucked me in, the middle was slow in some parts and fast in others and the ending…well I have I have to say is Wow! The ending had me on the edge of my seat and I felt like I couldn’t read fast enough to find out what was going to happen. Very few grammatical errors (which is a big plus for me, especially in an e-book) but I will say the one thing I didn’t like about this book was the use of the dash symbol (-), alot! I kept having to re-read paragraphs because I felt like I was missing words or something was suppose to be hyphenated, where a comma would of made the book flow so much better. Through the book, I kept thinking Man, this should be a movie because it is just the kind of movies I love! I’m not sure why but I fell in love with the character of Mr. Night, he is so wise and knowledgeable, and I love the references to where some of his items in his conjure kit came from. I felt like there was some skipping around in the middle and some characters didn’t get the much “attention”. Overall, the story was a frighteningly good read! I may have to re-read it come Halloween time! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting a haunting story and am anxious to read more from this author!!!

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