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As a new author, I focused primarily on the storyline, plot, and characters in my novel – not on punctuation and typing errors.  Of course I proofed my work, but when you stare at 92,000 words, it becomes a little overwhelming, and I found myself skimming.  That’s why I hired Jennifer Goehl of Extra Set of Eyes Editing.  She started editing right away, and delivered her notes to me in about a week.  She stayed in communication with me and answered emails promptly.  She is honest, professional, and courteous.  I was shocked and a little embarrassed when I saw how many errors she had found.  She was extremely thorough.  Her notes were easy to read, and it was easy to navigate to the correct page in order to make corrections.  I am relieved that my book now has every last quotation mark in the right place.  I feel much more comfortable promoting my book knowing that it is tight and polished.  I highly recommend Jennifer for reviews and/or editing.  Check her out at and

 -Cheryl Minnick, author of “”



Black Hill Farm

Edited by Jennifer Goehl


Jennifer is not only an exceptional book blogger, always willing to help out Indie authors; she is also a book reviewer and editor.

Jennifer has reviewed several of my books and has always given honest criticism – but not only that, her critiques have been constructive and valuable.

As an Indie author it is sometimes hard to edited your own work as through the writing process you can become too close to the work and it doesn’t matter how many times you go over your book, some of those mistakes are still there – cut one away and another springs up, like weeds on your freshly cut lawn.

I tried giving my work to friends and family, but there were still the odd error here and there. As a writer, I want my work to be as professional as I can get it and this is where Jennifer came in.

I sent my book (Black Hill Farm) to Jennifer and wow – what an incredible job she did. From the manuscript she emailed back to me, I could tell she had been over my work with the enthusiasm of a forensic scientist. She managed to pick out the tiniest of errors, the ones that several people had missed before. She helped with sentence construction, grammar and so much more.

Jennifer put the finishing touches to a work that I was already proud off – but now something I believe to be as good as any book that has gone through a traditional publisher.

Jennifer, you did an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Tim O’Rourke (Author)

About Jennifer @Can'tPutItDown

My name is Jennifer and I have a reading problem... yes I am a book junkie. Whether I am reading on my Nook, on apps on my phone, or an actual book in hand, I always have a book with me! If I am going to post spoilers (which I don't like to do because I don't like to ruin a good book for those who have not read it) I will tell you before I get into my review. Feel free to leave me some feed back! Thank you to author Tim O'Rourke for encouraging me to start this blog! Follow me on at

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