NIMPENTOAD by Henry, Joshua, and Harrison Hertz

The Back Cover

Nimpentoad is the tale of a courageous and resourceful little Nibling who leads his tribe through the perilous Grunwald forest, overcoming obstacles and encountering strange creatures along the way. Nimpentoad is an engaging story with fantastic illustrations, and positive lessons of teamwork, creativity, perseverance and leadership.

My Thoughts

Having been contacted by Henry to read and review Nimpentoad, after reading the description I gladly accepted. If I would of had a copy of Nimpentoad when I was a child, it would of been one of my favorite books. Goblins, giant wolves, Orcs, Rhinotaurs are some of the creatures the little Niblings encounter on their travels through the Grunwald Forest. They might not sound like anything to fear, unless you are a Nibling! Niblings are the smallest of creatures found in the forest, and peculiar they are. They love mushrooms, berries, and bug eggs and they are great cooks. Because they are so small, they are on their way to Goofus the Giant’s castle to ask if they can work for him in exchange for protection from the other forest creatures. After all, being the smallest creatures they get picked on and made fun of by the other forest creatures. Their path is full of adventure, bravery, and imagination, thanks to a Nibling named Nimpentoad!

A short little story with many lessons, I can’t wait to read this to my daycare children! The descriptions are so vibrant, the story is easy to imagine in your mind. Written by a father and his two elementary age sons, this tale is sure to be a favorite for young and old! Highly recommended!

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