HOW TO PLANT A BODY by Terri Ann Armstrong

From Goodreads:

“How to Plant a Body”

Sarcastic by nature, Lily Aster’s morning just went from bad to worse. A dead body has been discovered—by employee, Joey Emerson—in her family’s flower shop’s greenhouse. Greeting Lily as she tries to get inside, is Detective Anthony Falcetti, the guy in charge . . . now. Lily instantly falls into extreme dislike for the man and the feelings are quite mutual. Her sister Angelica simply wants to get inside, clean up the place and get on with their work day. Not today!
Owen and Iris Aster own Aster’s Offerings and have spent more than thirty-five years building it up to the tremendous success it is. Problem? Dead bodies tend to bring business to a screeching halt. Add to that a daughter who is hell-bent on finding out who is responsible while trying to outdo and out-sleuth a seasoned detective, and finding herself oddly attracted to him. Something she is not very proud of. Lily finds herself knee-deep in an investigation Detective Falcetti is trying his best to keep her as far away from as is humanly possible.
Personalities clash, clues are uncovered, feelings are hurt, emotions are set on high and lust is in the air. With a quick wit and sharpened tongue, Lily Aster brings readers into her world and gives them something to laugh at while enjoying a great, old-fashioned who-dun-it!

My Review:

First of all, I think it only fair to say I am not a huge “cozie” reader. I’ve actually only read a handful of them. I’m more of a horror, paranormal,thriller type of girl. When Terri asked me to read an ARC of her new cozie I gladly accepted. After all, I have read her Menace Trilogy and love love loved it so how could she go wrong?? Let me tell you, I was not disappointed! I was actually really impressed! The characters and story line just came alive as I was reading. Right from the first chapter I knew I would really love Lily Aster’s character. She is a feisty, smart-mouth, witty woman with a strong backbone and is not afraid to speak her mind. Her loyalty lies with her family and she will do whatever it takes to protect them and keep the Aster family name clean.
After her past heartbreak, the last thing Lily needs is a man. Enter the gritty, handsome Detective Anthony Falcetti. Each with their own motive and using each other, they engage in a battle of push and pull as feeling start to flare.
You will pretty much find it all in Armstrong’s first venture into this genre. There were plenty of laughs and moments of surprise. As hard as I tried to figure out what what was really going on, I must admit I couldn’t. And I’m glad because I think that would of taken away a lot of the fun of the story. The characters are fun and very “every day”. I can’t wait to read more of Armstrong’s “How To” series!! Highly recommended! A job well done!

 Purchase Information:

Amazon e-book: $2.99*

Barnes and Noble e-book: $2.99* / paperback $10.79*

*purchase price at the time of this post

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