Review: SMOKE AND MAGIC (Blood and Gold Series #1)

Smoke and Magic (Blood and Gold Series #1) by Patti Larsen

The Goodreads Back Cover

Auburdeen Hayle is the sixteen-year-old daughter of the next leader of her coven. When the transition of power becomes tense, Burdie is sent from her home in America to stay with old friends in London to keep her safe. But a handsome young man chooses to hide from the police in her hansom, drawing Burdie into an underground world of magic that challenges even her sense of adventure and puts her at odds with the very people who are meant to protect her.

My Thoughts

How fun was this steam punk novel was! It amazes me the diverse story telling talent Patti Larsen has. Being the first novel in the Blood and Gold series, I think I am going to love these as much as I do Patti’s Hayle Coven novels! And what a great cover! Beautiful!!

Auburdeen Hayle (Burdie) is a ball of fun! She is sassy, bold, and brave. Burdie is not too happy about being sent to stay with her mothers long time friend and her family in London while her mother becomes the coven leader back in the New World. I loved Burdie from the first page. Such attitude! She is not afraid to speak her mind, and is use to doing (and wearing) what she chooses. How different things are for a teenage girl in London! Trouble is bound to find Burdie, no matter where she goes. Good things Burdie is never one to back down…or back off, once she sets her mind to something!

The trouble begins before Burdie even reaches the Brindle house, when Jack ends up hiding in her hansom, while the police are searching for him. This one chance meeting sets the ball rolling for the rest of the story and everything that follows. Burdie is soon to find out witches are not the only one’s with magic out there!

While I enjoyed all of the new characters, I was so happy to see Sassafras in this series, as he is one of my favorite characters in the
Hayle Coven novels. I enjoy the friendship blossoming between Kate and Burdie. With her new friends…and enemies, Burdie is determined to get to the bottom what is going on, find a way to help Jack, and put a stop to the evil doers.  Lots of magic, action and  suspense from beginning to end. I can’t wait to jump into book two, Fire and Illusion!

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*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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