Review: THE LONG LOST (The Hayle Coven Novels #5)

The Long Lost (The Hayle Coven Novels #5) by Patti Larsen

The Goodreads Back Cover

Syd’s worst fear has come true. Quaid found his family, the Dumont coven, and has chosen them over her. Not to be outdone, her friends are all going their separate ways, her solid normal foundation falling out from beneath her. When the Dumonts come for a visit, Syd’s family history unfolds, leading her to discover things that shake her beliefs about herself and those she loves while struggling to accept she’s lost her one true love.

My Thoughts

In this fifth installment into the Hayle Coven series, Patti Larsen has truly outdone herself. The Long Lost is my absolute favorite so far. Right from the first page I felt like I was settling in with old friends. I love to see how far Syd has come, and how much she has grown. I am also loving her grandmother, who lost her crazy in the previous book, The Wild. She is funny and spunky and feisty, and bold. The only character missing is Meira, Syd’s little sis, who is also a fav of mine.
The Long Lost picks up where The Wild left off, with Quaid off searching for his real family. His return is not at all what Syd had ever imagined. Standoffish and short, Quaid has found his family and has made the choice to join them. My heart was breaking for Syd. We girls remember that first breakup with the first love, and Syd’s feelings and thoughts were so relatable. Being the fighter she is, Syd uses those feelings of hurt and anger to only make her stronger. As it turns out, Quaid’s new family, the Dumonts, are long time Hayle enemies and the past is about to meet the present head on. As in true Patti Larsen style, the show down will be intense!
And we can’t forget Syd’s dad, who is still trying to find a way back to Demonicon and his frustration is taking its toll on the family. He plays a small role in The Long Lost and I am still hoping to learn more about his past and how he and Syd’s mom found each other.
On top of the family feud with the Dumonts, feelings of betrayal by Quaid, and her dad about blowing the neighborhood to smithereens, Syd’s friends are falling apart. Blood is moving to Europe with his family, Simon’s parents are making him go to college, Alison is dealing with her drunk mother and new demons of her own, and Pain…well let’s just say a huge secret is about to be blown wide open!
If you have not read any of the Hayle Coven series, you are truly missing out. The characters are interested, the plots exciting, and the writing descriptive. You will not be disappointed! Try them! Get hooked!! Then share the goodness with your book loving friends! Patti Larsen will quickly be one of your new favorite authors.


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Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book at no charge from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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