Whispering Coves by Amy Armbruster

The Goodreads Back Cover:

While Shyla Walters is recovering in the St Louis Stress Center her husband Jaycob lets the lease go on their apartment. He rents an old plantation house called Whispering Cove Plantation on the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia, thinking it’s the perfect setting for Shyla to truly heal from the devastating loss of her brother and grandmother, the tragedy that cost Shyla her sanity.

Shyla now has to readjust to life outside the stress center in an entirely new location and home, with a husband who has become a stranger to her. As Shyla tries to cope with life outside of the stress center she is faced with a new struggle. Life at Whispering Cove Plantation isn’t what it seems. Shadows tend to move on their own and whispers from the cove seem to echo of a tainted past in every darkened hallway.

My Thoughts:

For a first go at writing a novel, I am impressed with Amy’s work. As with all new authors, room for improvement but a decent job for her first go at it.

I’ve read quite a few reviews on this novel on a couple different sites and there seem to be some mixed feelings. Here are my thoughts on the biggest disagreement: Shyla has just spent months recovering from the death of her brother and grandmother (who was like a mother to her) in a stress center. She already has her suspicions about her husband…considering at first he came all of the time to visit and then those visits all but stopped. Then he throws another curve ball…Surprise! I’ve let the lease go and we are moving away from everything and everyone you have ever known without even consulting you about it! Seriously? Who wouldn’t be mad? I would be furious with my husband! She is already on fragile ground and every single thing familiar to her is taken away. I didn’t find Shyla annoying or weak, I felt more that she was trying to find herself again, emotionally and mentally. Now, her husband on the other hand, I couldn’t stand. I personally thought he was the weak one…his courage to have an affair while his wife was locked away was strong but how weak to play pretend and not have the (pardon my french) balls to tell his wife the truth. I couldn’t stand him.

I loved Jack’s character, and his grandmother. I loved the story behind the ghost haunting and the fact the author included the diary. Whispering Coves sounds like a magical haunting place that I would LOVE to visit. How happy was I when the storm left Shyla and Jack alone together! The story, past and present day, came together wonderfully and blended well.

I won’t go into the errors because the when the author sent me a copy  she told me up front that it was going through an editor at that time. I think a couple of reviews that I have read were a little harsh, considering this is the author’s first novel. I also want to state that I did not know this author before being contacted about reading and reviewing this novel. The author sent me a copy in exchange for MY honest review.

An easy, eerie, and fun read, I would recommend picking up your copy of Whispering Coves!

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